-| THE 28ERS PRESENTS |- Penny Newman’s Sweet Dreams for the I.E. ~ April 28th, 2018

We are proud to endorse Penny Newman as the District 2 Supervisor for Riverside County. And to show our commitment in her epic candidacy, we plan on throwing down a party in her honor, allowing her a space to express her principles and visions toward a bottom-up democracy, where the citizens of Riverside are empowered to enact changes never seen as possible. While much attention is given to local politics when it comes to mayors and city council members, Riverside’s County Board of Supervisors holds immense god-like sway in the lives of their residents, dealing with billions of dollars annually in federal and state funding, where the choice between after-school education programs or more prisons becomes an epic struggle between those who have money to buy policy for personal profits versus those who don’t have those funds.

Penny is only the second candidate The 28ers has endorsed as an organization. Not coincidentally, she shares remarkable similarities with our first endorsement: Bernie Sanders. Like Sanders, Penny started her political life as an activist centered on the material injustice in which she lived in as a Special Needs teacher in Jurupa Unified School District, where it became increasingly clear that her children and her students’ health were rapidly deteriorating, so she asked big questions, dug deep and later took on the dangerous struggle of exposing the Stringfellow Acid Pits, Riverside County’s Cold-war Era Toxic waste dump no one wanted to talk about. As can be said, its activism that chooses the activist and not the other way around. She later founded the legendary environmental organization Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice (CCAEJ), and forever changed the conversation on environmental policy in our region and California as a whole. Neither Bernie nor Penny had intentions to become change-agents. Her epiphany toward taking political action in her community rose from the very local concern of a toxic site existing at her children’s school. Her children came home sick, and she wanted to know why and what she could do to protect them as a mother and parent. Her students showed up sick to school and that doubled her resolve. Bernie Sanders’ own epiphany rose from the families of resemblance being raised in a Jewish household, and seeing African Americans denied the right to fair and equal housing to student dorms owned by the University of Chicago where he was also a student. Both Penny and Bernie have shown a steadfast commitment to bringing people together based on shared values of equity, diversity and environmental justice. She feels that principles and values come first, and that the policies enacted in our community should come from the residents, not professional politicians on the dole of land developer money.

But most principally, our support for Penny Newman’s (and Bernie Sanders’) campaign comes from her opposition to private money in our political system that drowns out the voices of citizens, which creates a society where society’s gains are privatized to the few, while its losses are socialized to the many.

If you wanted to go to an event with Penny in attendance, this is your best opportunity. Please join us for this night to push Penny Newman’s campaign into high gear!

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* Penny Newman Recently Retired from Her Organization (with Allan Hernandez Now Taking the Lead), So She Could Fully Tackle Her Competitive Primary Race for District 2 Board of Supervisor.


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