The 28ERS Presents | Pennies for Penny: A Phone-Banking Potluck

“PENNIES FOR PENNY: A Phone-Banking Potluck”

Please Join The 28ers in Supporting Penny Newman’s Campaign to Elect Her as a Supervisor for Riverside County in November of 2018. When it comes to local politics, many people talk and discuss local city council and mayoral races, but the “Board of Supes” position carries with it even greater financial potential to foster policy outcomes and protect the Inland Empire’s region from the predatory aspects of Big Prison, Dark Warehouses & Big Developer Money.

Penny Newman has been fighting to protect our region’s environment for decades as an activist, and has never once sold her community out. She is deservedly “The Bernie Sanders of the Inland Empire,” and believes that change comes FROM the bottom-up and NEVER from the top-down. As such, she is ONLY the second endorsement that The 28ers have given since Bernie Sanders’ courageous and historic campaign for President of the United States. (And Yes: Bernie Woulda Won.)


Please join us as we break bread, sing sweet revolutionary songs and call folks from our supporter list to let them know that a real voice of the people wants to represent our neglected region of California, and she deserves OUR $27 DOLLARS. As an organization of committed activists, we are certain that from Penny Newman’s electoral success deeper & wilder acts of social change will commence.

And lastly, upon entering our holy calling abode, we ask that you bring 3 PENNIES to the event (or many pennies) in honor of Penny Newman’s campaign to put in 28ers’ OUR DONATION JAR. And to keep the theme rolling, we will play BERTOLT BRECHT’S “The Threepenny Opera” at the start of our celebrations.

In Peace & Solidarity,

Matthew Snyder

Co-Founder of The 28ers



Meet Us at The Quaker House Which Is Directly Across Taco Station on Mission Inn Avenue. The Quaker Center is tucked inside a collection of beige Spanish-style Bungalows. If lost contact Maribel Nunez, Jeff Green or Matthew Snyder. Penny Newman’s campain office is directly across (FIFTEEN FEET!) from The Quaker House, so it’s quite likely we’ll be using both places to do our phone-banking.

**FINDING THE LOCATION: The Quaker House Is Past Market Street and Right Before the Cross Street of Brockton. The Bungalow-Type Buildings Are Directly Across the Street from the Taco Station. You’ll know that you are at the right place when you see a gated courtyard. GPS: 4061 Mission


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