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The 28ers are ANGRY at the prospect of having to PHONE-BANK in order to SAVE California’s SB-562 (Single Payer), having tirelessly advocated and organized over the last three months for this visionary bill. During the typical FRIDAY NEWS DUMP (a technique whereby politicians release toxic information or make decisions to avoid scrutiny from the public), California Assemblyman Anthony Rendon shelved SB-562, citing disingenuous claims about the bill’s lack of “financial clarity,” thereby preventing Healthy California from actually amending the bill to solve that trumped up “concern.”

Why do this? As of this posting, SIngle Payer for California has a 70% approval rating among its citizens, so there’s no surprise that Rendon is in deep trouble with people who demand CHANGE–both in his district and among the citizens he represents as the Head Charimen of the Assembly Rules Committee. The problem, though, is that Anthony Rendon has received $475,000 from the for-profit healthcare industry in his time in the Assembly. He’s really in sticky situation between honoring voters’ wishes and satiating his Corporate Masters. So come join us & help us unstick him from his suitcase of campaign money promised to him in 2018!

We have a chance to reverse this “shelving” by calling Rendon’s constituents and to tell them about what Rendon’s doing against his own consituents’ needs and the millions of citizens of our state who desperately need guaranteed access to healthcare, and in doing so, acknowledge the sacred obligation we have to make sure that the weakest among us are protected in times of crisis or need. After our phone-banking session, we will have a POTLUCK to talk about what’s next. While no one is required to bring food, folks are encouraged to bake, bring or buy food to soften our palate and organze our minds for vengeance.


Californians for a Healthy California Act, also known legally as SB-562, will create the first Single-Payer system in the nation. Campaign for a Healthy California, California Nurses Association and National Nurses United worked hard to get SB-562 introduced, and we thank them for their commitment and courage. The bill was introduced by Senators Lara and Atkins on February 17, 2017, and passed the Senate Health and then Appropriations Committee with 5-2 votes. As of June 2nd, the California Senate has passed SB-562 23-14, well short of the 2/3rd required to fully fund the bill, but enough to move it to the State Assembly, where the task lies toughest, and where many more moderates and bought-and-sold politicians exist and are likely to choke this fragile but courageous dream before it learns to walk and sing.

If a broad-based coalition of folks from across the political spectrum can all agree that our current system is immoral and deplorable, as well as inefficient and needlessly expensive and then work to force the political elites to listen to our one demand, SB-562 will finally make a single-payer health system possible in the State of California. After tragic attempts in Vermont with Bernie Sanders pushing hard and then being betrayed it the state’s governor, after ColoradoCare was dismembered by Big Pharma, California must finally be the state to valiantly beat back the profit-vultures of Private-Healthcare-Complex.

Join us to eat, drink and be merry, but more fundamentally call consituents in areas of California, where we can encourage them to make calls to their politicians in the Assembly, forcing them to make Single-Payer the most transformational progressive win since the passage of Medicare in 1967.

We will have a potluck list for folks to tell us what they can bring. And we will also allow people who can’t make our potluck to call-in from their various locations. Let’s drink and be merry because we need all the rest we can gain before the battle in August.

Here Is the text of SB 562:

California Partnership is an economic justice statewide coalition of low income, people of color and community-based groups, organizing and advocating for the policies and programs that work to reduce and end poverty.

Here is a link to California Partnership’s website:

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Campaign for a Healthy California

Works to build and broaden a grassroots movement to replace private health insurance with guaranteed healthcare for all Californians.

Here is a link to Campaign for a Healthy California’s website:

California Nurses Association


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