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We Are the Movement of Movements: To Amend the U.S. Constitution in a Way that Forever Severs Private Wealth from Politics.

Corroded and weaseled, duped and fleeced, ballooned and festooned with special interest money, politicians of all stripes panhandle for campaign cash at the expense of the public interest. And as a result, America’s democracy is sabotaged by the all-mighty dollar from the 1%. After years of helplessly trying to restrict monied interests from the election process, the Supreme Court reversed its justice compass in its immoral decision favoring Citizens United (a term itself smoking in irony).

Above and beyond the corruption of decades past, those who now have the most money, can speak the most and relent the least, leaving the majority of American to dwindle in the sagebrush, looking lonely and disheveled for their deposit boxes. Gone are the “revolving doors” when politicians and lobbyists exchange their identities inside “arched hallways.” Whether Republican or Democrat, independent or something purple in-between, the collusion of for-profit interests and the USG burns with unseemly smell that is largely left unseen.

It is time to reclaim and re-purpose democracy–and to raise from the rafters–the most radical vision of reformation possible: mopping money out of politics and ending the legalized bribery, blackmail and deceit of elected officials. This movement is not so naive that the money from concentrated wealth can be entirely eliminated, but the 28th Amendment will serve as a radical turn in the way that representative democracy will function in the future.

The 28ers is a trans-partisan social movement that hopes to join forces with organizations, communities and kindred spirits to evoke the change that America never knew it needed in the first place. Creating the 28th Amendment is an act of legislation that aims to ban corporations as humans, money as speech, require all elections to be publicaly funded. In doing so, it hopes to redress the harms of the 1%, which has held our democracy hostage from the very beginning of our nation’s history.

Help us lift America’s greatness out of the graveyard and back into the dancehall of democracy.

Founded on September 8. 2012