The 28ERS Presents | "Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point"

The 28ers at UCR and Riverside's 28ers Chapters are both excited at the prospect of re-uniting this month to co-host a documentary screening of "Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point." The 58-minute film is a take-no-prisoners account of America's current & tragic healthcare system, and how Single-Payer might reverse our continued slide into the moral abyss. The 58-minute film will be followed by a discussion on current single-payer legislation, as well as explore the long-term solutions involved in creating a one-vote, one-voice democracy for the 99%.

Our viewing of "Fix It" will also come after April 26th, when The 28ers will discover the fate of SB-562, also known as "Californians for a Healthy California Act," and whether this state-based Single-Payer bill will successfully pass through the state Senate's Health Committee. Its safe-passage through this commitee will then allow the bill to move ever closer to a Senate floor vote in late May. While The 28ers have been active in this fight, we are greatly indebted to the Campaign for a Healthy California, California Nurses Association and National Nurses United, all of whom have worked so hard to get SB-562 drafted and pushed into the state's congress. The bill was introduced by Senators Lara and Atkins on February 17, 2017.

If a broad-based coalition of folks from across the political spectrum can all agree that our current system is immoral and deplorable, as well as inefficient and needlessly expensive, and then work to force the political elites to listen to our one demand, SB-562 will finally make a single-payer health system possible in the State of California. After tragic attempts in Vermont with Bernie Sanders pushing hard and then being betrayed the state's governor, after ColoradoCare was dismembered by Big Pharma, California must finally be the state to valiantly beat back the profit-vultures of Private-Healthcare-Complex. 

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So join us to watch this important documentary, learn about SB-562 and join The 28ers' 'swarmwise' campaign to create a more loving and just society. And starting with California, we can give the gift of universal access to all. To "Join Our Swarm" head to the following link on The 28ers' official website:

Here Is the text of SB 562:

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