The 28ERS Presents | The State & Internet Vs. My Private Parts

The State & Internet Vs. My Private Parts

Please Join The 28ers for Our First-Ever Discussion on the Dastardly Role that Money in Politics Plays in Issues Revolving Around Net Neutrality & Citizen Rights to Privacy. We will be joined by our very special guest, Adam Webster, who will provide a keynote address about the problems and short-term solutions involved with safe-guarding our Internet Rights. The 28ers will then diagram the long-term solutions involved with getting money out of politics, and in doing so, smack away the corporate and state claws from of our "Internet Lives."


Adam Webster is an A+ Certified Computer professional with 15 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He is the IT Director of the NECA/IBEW Inland Empire Labor Management Cooperation Committee and co-founder of Do Better Tech, a worker owned and operated technology services company. Adam is also a proud member of Office Professional Employees International Union Local 537 and the Industrial Workers of the World Union #560, Transportation and Communication Workers.