-| THE 28ERS PRESENTS |- A Protest & Candlelight Vigil for SB-562 ~ August 28th, 2017

– { PROTEST: 4:00pm-5:30pm | 5:30pm-7:00pm: CANDLELIGHT VIGIL } –

ATTN: Hello Folks! As of Sunday (8/27), the Democratic Party of California just voted to support the passage of SB-562–which puts Chariman (Boss) Bauman in a tough spot since he worked for Speaker Rendon before becoming the Chair of the party under cloudy circumstances. But a vote by Democratic delegates won’t make Single Payer happen on its own. And while The 28ers can’t promise that neo-nazis or an eclipse will be at this event, you’re all that we have to let people know that we must fight for SB-562, and speak powerfully about those we’ve lost and for those who continue to struggle without universal rights to healthcare. Please share and invite others:



To be lighter on the Earth and help people with rides (as well as make new friends!), I’ve created a carpool spreadsheet for drivers and passengers to contact each other, and it will be freely available at the link below (and three days after taken down to protect people’s longterm privacy):


It wil be HOT (or HAWT) tomorrow, so I am asking that folks pick a “Water Giver” for “Supplicates” to recieve’s Earth’s libations, so that each car comes with water. Bring materials for signs if you can or have some already made for the protest. And this is especially important because the total number coming is largely unknown with any Facebook event. But only you–and I–and others will make SB-562 happen. To triumph, Healthy California and the California’s Nurses Association needs our commitment. So come and flock together you gorgeous “Social Justice Warriors.”

As Princess Leia once said, “You’re Our Only Hope.”

Solidarity & Peace,

Matthew Snyder

A 28ers Co-Founder

Co-Creator of The Future Is A Mixtape (Podcast)


Please join THE 28ERS and other co-sponsors of Healthy California’s SB-562 as we protest @ Speaker Anthony Rendon’s Assembly Office in South Gate (7 miles from Los Angeles’ Downtown). Rendon is actively trying to sabotage a bill so many have valiantly fought for in 2017. We will not be frightened or cowed. We will rise to the occasion stronger and more focused. We will demand Single Payer in California for all–to make our Great State a place WITHOUT co-pays and deductibles, and where everybody is IN and nobody is OUT (including the undocumented).

For PART ONE of our event, we will march, chant, sing songs and aim our faces of anguish and anger at Rendon’s Glassed Castle of Corporate Greed. We will protest his callous and deceitful decision to BLOCK SB-562 from an open VOTE in California’s State Assembly.

Why would Rendon do such a thing? Is it to protect his campaign funders from being on the receiving end of lost healthcare PROFIT$? Or did Rendon do this to protect Jerry Brown and the Democrats from having to vote against their corporate campaign funders at the expense of the people’s demands for a just healthcare system? Even though Healthy California had 15 amendments ready and waiting to provide funding streams for SB-562, Speaker Rendon falsely cited the bill as “woefully incomplete” in order to avoid making visible the hidden conflict of interest he and other Democrats have between their for-profit healthcare funders and the voters they are supposed to represent.

For PART TWO of the event, when the sun begins its silent twilight ceremony, we will hold a candlelight vigil to honor and memorialise the thousands of people who have–or will have– died as a result the bill’s continued blockage in 2017. The Democrats in California (including Rendon) barked out about the savagery of Trump’s KillCare bill–all while they did nothing to implement California’s visionary replacement to Obamacare: SB562. The passage of this Single Payer bill would save countless lives in our own state that are either uninsured or “woefully” under-insured. Even though the Democrats have both a govenor and supermajorities in both the Senate and Assembly, they continue to twiddle their fingers and point at Trump. As a result of State Democrats hypocrisy and the blocking of our bill—-people in our state will continue to die. And so we will fight back and share stories about our own healthcare anxieties or people we know who have died or others we love who suffer daily from not having the universal human right to healthcare.

We ask you to join us, stand up, be heard and demand justice for all.




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