~ JUNE 28TH, 2018 ~



With the Crushing Defeat of Several Progressives / Berners in California’s Low-Turnout Primary Midterms, There Is No Better Time to Get Your New Groove on for The 28th Movement. After this wipe out on June 5th, there has been an unprecedented regrowth into Wolf PAC–an organization that has so far successfully gotten 5 states to call for a 28th Amendment.
To do something truly epic and transformational requires a large, ferocious force of . . . . spreadsheet calls . . . Lol. But that’s HOW we FINALLY GET A REPUBLIC & not the festering mass of a CORPOCRACY. So we must do the humble phonebanking via spreadsheets to call state constituents to call their representatives to pass a state resolution for a 28th Amendment. YO YO BERNIE-BROS & PUSSY-HAT BRIGADES: IT ISN’T WAVING SIGNS IN THE STREETS ON SATURDAYS?! THE REAL REVOLUTION, BABY, IS IN THE SPREADSHEETS!
So please Join The 28ers for our monthly event this June 28th at Back to the Grind, where we will be introducing our sister organization Wolf PAC and providing a how-to on sign-ups and a training session to learn about “Wolf Attacks” are key to creating an Article V Convention to forever sever private wealth from politics and create exclusive public financing for all federal elections. 5 states down and 29 more to go!
Please Share & Care With Others!
We would like to invite you to a meet and greet to learn about your experiences with activism, learn about our organization, hear our plans for growing new chapters in California and nationally, and taking the fight state-to-state for a 28th Amendment to create exclusive public financing for all federal elections.
We hope you’ll join us.
Matthew Snyder
Co-Founder of The 28ers
Co-Host of THE FUTURE IS A MIXTAPE (Podcast)

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