~ NOVEMBER 28TH, 2018 ~

After the death of Fernando, the second comrade from Occupy Riverside has passed, and we are gathering together to provide a full and resplendent memorial to our fallen friend, Bruce Morgan, who was as warm and consistent as California Sunshine, and who remained a steadfast revolutionary socialist up until his death. Of course, people from Bruce’s non-activist social and kinship circles are also welcome to attend this memorial. Lastly, we intend to play Leonard Cohen, have coffee & beer and share in the experiences and shards of a life that once lived in our neck of the multiverse.
“In memoriam” is latin for “into memory.” So, I hope we can use this time together to send Bruce “into” that Great Elsewhere of Our Collective & Lived Memories.
Let us keep his dreams for a lasting revolution in our hearts.
+ Matthew Snyder
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The 28ers is an organization that surfaced from the end-days of Occupy Riverside back in October of 2012. We have hosted and organized montly events for over 4 years–or over 42 monthly events–to raise awareness about the cancer of our democracy: money in politics. Most recently, The 28ers were heavily involved in Bernie Sanders’ Primary Run. While we are a post-partisan organization, we took the unsual step of endorsing him due to his Gold Star record for getting money out of politics, and from the fact that he also wrote his own 28th Amendment to sever private wealth from politics.
So what do we do now that Donald Trump is the President-Elect? There is a group organizing in Riverside called the Popular Front, and many actions have happened since Trumpster Fire’s inaugeration. Certainly, we should support and show solidarity to folks holding the barricades who want to protect the undocumented, immigrants, folks of color, entitlements like Social Security and Medicare as well as fight for a restored biosphere. But what about SOLUTIONS? There is, of course, Brand New Congress and Our Revolution, both of which hope to get more Bernie-inspired folks to run for local and national office in 2018 and beyond. On the local level, organizations like Open Source Ecology and Transition Town want to create radically free cities and townships. But to create a truly VISIONARY and INTERSECTIONAL PARADIGM shift, we must create a national movement to amend the US constitution, state-to-state, to forever sever private wealth from politics. The 28ers works alongside other visionary groups like Wolf-Pac and 99Rise, who have done amazing things to sound the realness bullhorn about money in politics. While these two organizations haven’t drafted their own amendment, we have did so over a 4-month process and offer up the most comprehensive Amendment that currently exists. To learn about our own 28th Amendment, feel free to check our website:
We would like to invite you to a meet and greet to learn about your experiences with activism, learn about our organization, hear our plans for growing new chapters in California and nationally, and taking the fight state-to-state for a 28th Amendment to create exclusive public financing for all federal elections.
We hope you’ll join us.
Matthew Snyder
A Co-Founder of The 28ers

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