~ APRIL 27TH, 2019 ~


An Official Kickoff & Organizing Event for Sanders 2020

Please Join The 28ers, Students, Friends & Activists–Both New and Old–in Riverside for an Organizing Kickoff for Sanders 2020! This will be the first Bernie 2020 event at UC Riverside, and while there will be other Kickoff Rallies in the Inland Empire, feel free to join us for this time and location–to join our glorious fists in the air to continue the revolution we started in 2016. The 28ers–along with Progressive Democrats for America and Latinos for Bern-IE–organized the first-ever event and fundraiser for Sanders’ campaign on July 18th, 2015.

This time–in 2019–we reform and run our hands again through the grass with our student chapter of the 28ers at UCR: “Getting Money Out of Politics.” They will be taking the lead for this event on April 27th. This time, though, it will feature a pre-recording of Bernie and his campaign staff, detailing the inner-working of how we will finally win. And so from this, the event is being organized to start the long, seemingly implacable struggle to heal the open wounds of America, and chart a future that flowers with human flourishing.

We only have 12 years to reverse climate chaos. There is so much worth saving that is sacred and beautiful to us all. I dearly hope you’ll join us this time to right the wrongs of what’s broken beneath us. So here we go!

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This time we’ll win.

In Solidarity & Compassion,

+ MATTHEW SNYDER, A Co-Founder of The 28ers.org

& Co-Host of The Future Is A Mixtape


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*** All Our Welcome: Bring Friends, Kids, Neighbors, Relatives, Partner(s), New Loves & Android Pets. ***


The Event Will Be Held at INTN 1002 (CHASS), also known as the CHASS Interdisciplinary Building — The North Building. The beige structure (with IKEA Chunks blocking what should be windows) is across the (Purple) ARTS building and INTN is the closest building to the UCR Softball Field

Given the immense size of UC Riverside’s campus, we have provided a map to help you find the event location:



Closest Location for Parking is Lot 1 & Cost $5 for the day.


There has been a deluge of rain in Riverside with the miraculous effects of El Nino in California. And as such, Riverside’s river has returned, rocks covered over with the mystery of new water, which now ushers in a river of larger consequence: Bernie Sanders is running again to finish what we started!



To tell you that I.E. activists, organizers and people from all walks of life are ecstatic that a candidate for the 99% is making a second-run for President is an understatement of cosmic proportions. Unlike Presidential candidates–from both the past and present–Bernie Sanders has a long consistent history of advocating for Medicare for All, Free College Education & Debt Forgiveness, Compassionate Immigration Reform, Progressive Taxation on the Billionaire Class, Support for Same-Sex Marriage, Economic Relief for the Poor, Working Class and Middle Class, as well as Advocating for Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave. Not only that, but each of Bernie’s opinions are matched to actual acts of legislation he has written during his time in the House and Senate, respectively. So, it’s not surprising that he was often called the “Amendment King” in his ability to alter bills to support regular Americans over plutocrats. As the American adage goes: “He walks the walk and talks the talk.” Bernie has taken tough stances that showed remarkable courage at the time: his vote against the Iraq war was in stark contrast to the slavish devotion many gave to Bush 43 and Bernie advocated for same-sex marriage in 1974–decades before it became an “acceptable” idea (in contrast to Hillary Clinton, who only supported Same-Sex marriage months before announcing her Presidential Campaign for 2016). And Refreshingly Enough, Bernie Sanders is also the only politician of the United States Senate where Jon Stewart’s Daily Show couldn’t run a flippant series of hypocrite-of-the-month film clips. Bernie Sanders has been saying the same things for over 40 years. And finally, after the Tumult of Occupy Wall Street, Flint’s Water Crisis, Puerto Rico’s Devastation, Child-Theft at the Border and the Continuous Smell of Lobbyist Corruption, the rest of America has caught up with Sanders’ rage over America’s Savage Inequalities.

So please join The 28ers, Activists of all stripes, and members of our beloved community for a night to remember.

Please Share & Care This Event With Others!


In Solidarity & Compassion,

+ MATTHEW SNYDER, A Co-Founder of The 28ers.org

& Co-Host of The Future Is A Mixtape



-{ The Presidential Candidate Discusses His Childhood and Values During His Announcement Speech in Burlington, Vermont }-

“As some of you know, I was born in a far-away land called Brooklyn, New York. My father came to this country from Poland without a penny in his pocket and without much of an education. My mother graduated high school in New York City. My father worked for almost his entire life as a paint salesman and we were solidly lower-middle class. My parents, brother and I lived in a small rent-controlled apartment. My mother’s dream was to move out of that small apartment into a home of our own. She died young and her dream was never fulfilled. As a kid I learned, in many, many ways, what lack of money means to a family. That’s a lesson I have never forgotten.

I have seen the promise of America in my own life. My parents would have never dreamed that their son would be a U.S. Senator, let alone run for president. But for too many of our fellow Americans, the dream of progress and opportunity is being denied by the grind of an economy that funnels all the wealth to the top.

And to those who say we cannot restore the dream, I say just look where we are standing. This beautiful place was once an unsightly rail yard that served no public purpose and was an eyesore. As mayor, I worked with the people of Burlington to help turn this waterfront into the beautiful people-oriented public space it is today. We took the fight to the courts, to the legislature and to the people. And we won.

The lesson to be learned is that when people stand together, and are prepared to fight back, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.”



The 28ers is a post-partisan justice movement that is horizontal and hopes to join forces with organizations, communities and kindred spirits to evoke the change that America never knew it needed in the first place. The vision of our movement calls for a one-vote, one-voice democracy by creating a 4th branch of government to oversee, audit and distribute campaign contributions. To do this, we created our own 28th Amendment that was envisioned, drafted and revised over a four-month period. Our Amendment calls for a National Holiday on the election date, and creates a monetary lottery system that rewards voter participation. The amendment, though, is ultimately a people-powered act of legislation that aims to ban corporations as humans, money as speech, and requires all federal elections to be publicly funded, exclusively.

A 28th Amendment that Will Forever Sever Private Wealth from Politics; and to Reverse the Harms of the 1% Done to Our Education, Healthcare, Unions & Worker Wages, Races, Immigrant Rights and the Environment. Our Amendment Calls for a One-Voice, One-Vote Democracy and Involves the Following:

1) A Fourth Branch of Government that Oversees, Audits and Distributes Campaign Funds to Successful Candidates Based on Public Financing from Volunteer-Only Signatures; Branch Auditors Are Directly Elected by the Public.

2) Proclaims that Money Is Not Speech;

3) Corporations Are Not People;

4) To Encourage Voting, Citizens Who Vote on Election Day Are Immediately Entered into Lottery Where 50 Folks Per State Win $100,000, Tax Free. So Who Pays? The Money Is Taken Entirely from Congressional Pay!

5) And Lastly, Our Amendment Calls for a National Holiday on Election Day.

In passing our Amendment, we hope to redress the harms of the 1%, which has held our democracy hostage from the very beginning of our nation’s history. We hope you will join us in this “movement of movements.”

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