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The Solutions



In order to vanquish private wealth and for-profit interests from our electoral system, we will need a movement made from movements. Given that money in politics distorts and destroys any ability to enact sensible policy decisions and–even better yet–enact visionary ones, there needs to be a complex and layered sense of tactics and strategy from the short to the long-term.


Want to take direct action to rip the corruption out of our political system?Become a due-paying member of The 28ers and help fund this intersectional movement! Your money will go to staff-building, event-planning, website maintenance and it will help to pay for free toolkits to communities that want to create their own local chapters. Just as well, you can form your own 28ers club in your own city, college or community, and we’ll give you a ready-made toolkit to start that project. Although the founding chapter of The 28ers in Riverside, California, has put on monthly events on the 28th of each month, you can organize bi-monthly events in your local community and neighborhood: you can do this by either connecting Pay-to-Play politics to local city council and mayoral races, having roundtable discussions or debates at your local church, or start more simply by creating film-viewing parties on a list of films that deals directly (or indirectly) with money in politics.

As a coalition-building organization, you can also join up with other sister organizations doing the work to educate and agitate for social change by getting involved with the following organizations in the U.S. Some local chapters might exist in your area:

– Wolf-Pac

– Move-t0-Amend

– Represent.US


You can support the massive changes needed to our electoral system by asking your city, state and federally elected politicians to take The 28ers Pledge to support a 28th Amendment to the U.S. constitution that forever severs private wealth from politics and creates exclusive public financing for all elections in America.

Additionally, in taking electoral action, you can pass measures in your local cities to drastically and meaningfully reduce the influence of private money in politics. Represent.US has a great series of pre-written measures you can pass in your local communities via a petition process.

Just as well, you can support candidates that would create what Lawrence Lessig calls’ Benjamin Franklin Democracy vouchers or encourage more candidates to support Edward Yang’s idea for Freedom vouchers. Without a doubt, Bernie Sanders, who has drafted his own 28th Amendment to end the plague of money in politics, has the strongest history on this issue, and speaks powerfully and consistently on this crisis. So, given that our organization has endorsed Bernie Sanders’ campaign for President in 2016 and 2020, supporting his candidacy will be crucial to ending the legalized bribery of our political system.


While we advocate for our own 28th Amendment, and educate the public on the transformational benefits to its passage, we also realize that other Amendments have been outlined, and we are open to their passage as well. But in order to even reach that critical and revolutionary potential, we realize that a “bottom up” movement will be needed to call for an Article V Convention itself. We fully know and understand that the passage of a new Amendment will be impossible to enact starting from Congress, which is entirely captured by special interests. Given that reality, we passionately support Wolf-Pac’s grassroots aims to trigger an Article V convention by passing their simply but smartly worded resolution to amend the U.S. Constitution in the assembly and senate chambers of each state in America. We will need 34 states to trigger an Article V convention. As of now, Wolf-Pac activists and organizers have passed this resolution in 5 states thus far, but have 29 to go. Once the convention participants have drafted a 28th Amendment for passage, it will need to be ratified–by popular vote–in 37 states. Once ratified, it becomes the law of the land, and impossible for the U.S. Supreme Court to ignore or deny.